Learn how Metro Mobility's docking solutions can help you start a fleet from scratch or transform an existing fleet into a profitable model without manual charging pickup.

Common Questions

Do you operate the fleet for me?
While very little operational effort is required for ChargeLock stations and their accompanying vehicles, occasional maintenance to keep the vehicles in good shape is recommended.

Some ChargeLock partners choose to maintain the vehicles themselves, but if you don't want to have to worry about it, we've got you covered. In these cases, we'll utilize a collaborator from our partner network to perform these operational duties in your area – for the lowest price we can find.
Do you discount bulk orders?
Of course. Our pricing scales with your company. This model generally applies to everything we offer (stations, software packages, etc.), and often from our vehicle manufacturing partners as well.
Do you just sell stations? I want a complete package including vehicles and software.
We do offer this! We can deliver ChargeLock stations, e-bikes and scooters, and even ship a white-labeled app and corresponding operator platform for monitoring, coordinating and fleet tracking.
What vehicles are compatible?
We've partnered with Segway Ninebot to offer e-bikes, delivery e-bikes, and electric scooters that are cost-efficient, user friendly, and extremely robust. These vehicles are the industry standard for many dockless bike and scooter-share fleets, and are incredibly versatile. That said, we're looking to add additional vehicle compatibilities in the future. If you want a different vehicle type or have an existing fleet, contact us and we'll walk you through the integration process.
How does the station get electricity?
ChargeLock stations typically are grid-connected in some way, but stations with additional power sources may be in the works. That said, if the station loses power, it is still able to lock and unlock the vehicles – it just loses the ability to charge them.
Does it work with e-bikes or scooters?
ChargeLock stations support both vehicle types interchangeably, meaning that you can order a combination of both vehicle types and they can both be locked and charged at the same dock.
How many vehicles fit on the station?
The first edition of the ChargeLock station comes with docking + charging space for 5 vehicles. While we plan to offer other configurations in the future, the fastest way to get ChargeLock stations for your fleet is to install these docks in this configuration. To accommodate more vehicles, multiple stations can be easily attached in-line or placed back-to-back.
Can I make returning the vehicle to a station optional?
Yes, you certainly can. Some operators integrate ChargeLock stations into their fleet as an option for users, who can typically save a dollar or two on their ride by returning the vehicle to a charging station – saving money for everyone involved. Still, a user who is headed somewhere that doesn't have a station has the option to leave the vehicle elsewhere, and can even lock it up with the built in lock-to cable.
Do I have to build the software platform myself?
ChargeLock's complete system comes with a complete software package that we can white-label (i.e. put your logo on it) and publish for you. It includes both a feature-rich customer facing app for rentals and a complete operator admin platform for fleet maintenance, monitoring, and analytics.