Meet ChargeLock

A locking and charging station for shared electric bike and scooter fleets, at a fraction of the typical cost.

Economize your fleet
A docking and charging station with both scooters and ebikes, each connected to the station via a single ChargeLock cable

Plug in, walk away.

Plug in, walk away.

Plug in, walk away.

Ending your trip at a ChargeLock™ station:

Locks the e-bike or scooter
Starts charging its battery
Powers it off
Ends the rental
A close-up of a ChargeLock cable

Charge bikes and scooters interchangeably.

Any combo of vehicles can be plugged into the same dock.

“A robust station at this drastically-lower price point means you can put one on every street corner, or in every building."

David Montague
CEO at Metro Mobility

“A robust station at this drastically-lower price point opens the industry to entirely new applications of this technology.”

David Montague
CEO at Metro Mobility

Added Benefits


Because the station touches the ground at so few points, it sustains very little damage from rain, snow, and salt.

Effortless docking

Never worry about lining the vehicle up at the exact right angle and jamming it into the station. Instead, wheel it up to the station and plug it in.

Easy to install

Installing a ChargeLock™ station does not require perfectly flat ground. It works anywhere.

Mid-trip lock

ChargeLock™-equipped vehicles come with a mid-trip lock, for pausing your trip or taking your dockless fleet to a hybrid model.

Retrofit any fleet

Install one simple ChargeLock™ box on the front of any vehicle to add both station compatibility and a mid-trip lock.

Software included

Optionally, use our complete software suite to launch your own shared e-bike or scooter fleet.

Let's build a self-charging fleet together.

Let's talk about how ChargeLock stations can transform your business, or launch a fleet from scratch together.
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