E-bike access opens doors.

ChargeLock's self-maintaining rental systems are so budget-friendly for cities, they're able to offer their residents e-bikes for $1/day.
Give your residents e-bike access
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Ways to ride

Flexible infrastructure that fits any community

#ebikesforall is Metro Mobility's initiative to work with cities to provide ultra-cheap transportation to the communities that stand to benefit most.

Offer transportation for all residents of a community.

Put robust self-charging e-bike rental stations in local communities and give residents access for $1/day, or even free for qualifying applicants. Cost-efficient stations mean the impact can reach many more communities than it could with costly, high-maintenance alternatives.

Or match qualified residents with their own e-bike.

Pair specific residents with their own dedicated e-bike that lives at the charging station but will be consistently there for them every day when they head to work or use it for deliveries.

Case Study

Massachusetts municipalities and stakeholders provide income-qualified users $1/day e-bike rentals that provide inexpensive transportation to job opportunities, tackle food deserts, and enable delivery couriers to access a work vehicle that doesn't cost them thousands to buy.

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Robust e-bike rental infrastructure shouldn't be a crippling investment for cities or their residents. Massachusetts municipalities offer $1/day e-bike rentals to tackle food deserts, enable commuting to job opportunities, and start making deliveries without investing thousands in a dangerous e-bike.

ChargeLock systems are so budget-friendly for cities, they're able to offer their residents e-bikes at little-to-no cost.

Self-maintaining e-bike systems with savings both you and your users can enjoy.

different models -- free bikes for certain residents. Cheap rentals.

There's also a whole other side for cities. "Fed up with these annoying e-bikes and scooters all over the place? And realizing they don't save emissions when they drive around picking them up?, make them use chargelock stations. Could be shared amongst all operators or just for one."

Let's build a self-charging fleet together.

ChargeLock gives you the power to do anything:

Launch a new, fully self-sufficient rental system from scratch.
Convert a dockless fleet to a hybrid model.
Expand a docked fleet with cost-effective charging stations that are easy to use and easy to install.
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