Metro Mobility, Segway Launch ChargeLock™ Stations for Shared E-bikes and Scooters — Unlimited Biking to Deploy at Hotels Across the U.S.

October 2023 – Metro Mobility, a U.S. startup specializing in charging solutions and Segway, the global leader in smart mobility have partnered to disrupt the shared e-bike and scooter market with ChargeLock™, a low-cost charging and locking station. The ChargeLock station features a patent-pending cable design to incorporate charging and locking in a single connector, providing a reliable and easy-to-use station at a fraction of the cost of competing docking solutions. The secure but flexible cable enables scooters, e-bikes, and any future Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) designs to share the same stations and provides an easy user experience that avoids the pitfalls of traditional docking.

The Segway-made ChargeLock system will see its first large-scale deployment with Unlimited Biking, the country’s largest bike rentals, tours and experiences operator deploying ChargeLock stations and e-bikes (Ninebot Urban A200) at hotels across the U.S. The ChargeLock systems will offer self-serve e-bike rentals, providing convenient transportation and recreation for hotel guests to explore the surrounding area during their stay. The system comes as a welcome addition for hotels seeking to bolster their amenities and offer additional value in tourist destinations.

While the ChargeLock system works well for the hospitality industry, it is also available for any shared vehicle program. Fleet operators can order ChargeLock stations and compatible e-bikes and scooters from Segway, or directly from Metro Mobility, and easily retrofit existing fleets of Segway shared vehicles with ChargeLock modules for station compatibility. Vehicles can be equipped with a built-in cable lock or “lock-to” that utilizes the same ChargeLock port to allow users to lock up the vehicle while away from a station.

ChargeLock offers a number of advantages over other docking solutions on the market. Unlike traditional docks that are built for a single vehicle type, ChargeLock’s multi-purpose cables can accommodate any vehicle design. The flexible cables create an easier and more reliable user experience than traditional docks where aligning the vehicle with the locking mechanism can be challenging. Simply plugging the ChargeLock cable into the vehicle will end the rental, lock the vehicle to the station, and begin charging. The simple design of ChargeLock also allows for extremely low-cost stations that can be installed easily and scaled quickly. With just 4 touch points on the ground, ChargeLock stations can be installed on any surface including grass or gravel and do not require a flat poured concrete pad.

“In developing the ChargeLock system, our goal from the beginning was simplicity, reliability, and low cost. The micromobility docking solutions on the market before now have been unnecessarily expensive, complicated, and frustrating for users. With our ChargeLock stations, charging and locking becomes as easy as plugging in a cable, and that simple design results in a station that’s affordable for operators to implement at scale.” said Metro Mobility co-founder David Montague.

“We’ve heard the requests for a better charging and docking solution from our fleet operators and we now have the solution for them with ChargeLock,” added Tony Ho, Vice President of Business Development Micromobility, Segway-Ninebot. “We’re excited to offer ChargeLock compatibility on our shared e-bikes and Max series scooters. With station production underway at Segway, we are now able to offer a complete solution that fits the needs of the evolving micromobility industry. ”

“After testing just about every e-bike docking solution on the market, we’re happy to say that the ChargeLock system meets all the requirements and has proven to be a dependable solution for our operations,” said Hakan Ugdur, CEO of Unlimited Biking. “Our hotel partners are looking to offer more accessible and rewarding experiences for guests. E-bikes are a high-value amenity that replaces cars, taxis, rideshare services, or public transit. It is an easy addition to any hotel.”

ChargeLock stations with compatible Segway vehicles offer a path toward sustainability for the micromobility industry. The added security of locking substantially increases vehicle life by reducing vandalism and theft, and vehicles that are always charging when not in use eliminate the need for the resource heavy operations normally required to charge a shared fleet. Segway-Ninebot and Metro Mobility are paving the way for a more efficient, user-friendly, and economically viable future.

About Metro Mobility

Metro Mobility, LLC is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is dedicated to providing the commuting solutions of the future through smart, connected, data driven enterprises. Our patent-pending ChargeLock stations are part of a portfolio of transportation technologies that includes hardware, software, user apps, and fleet management solutions. We are redesigning the way people travel in and around metropolitan areas. To learn more about Metro Mobility, please visit

About Segway Commercial

At Segway Commercial, we aim to make shared micromobility more accessible and convenient for everyone. As a global leader in providing sharing products and solutions that power millions of micromobility vehicles around the world, we are committed to innovating and delivering high-quality products to help operators achieve their business objectives while prioritizing rider safety and community well-being. For more information, please visit

About Unlimited Biking

Unlimited Biking is the largest bike rentals, tours and experiences operator in the United States with locations in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Alexandria, Virginia. Our mission is to offer memorable and invigorating biking adventures, allowing riders to engage with the environment and the local community. For more information, please visit


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